Bye-Bye Confederate Flag
The Supreme Court decision turns out to have been no assault on the Confederate flag compared to what has happened after the killings in Charleston.  I don't really care so much whether South Carolina removes the flag from the capitol grounds.  I am distressed that the shootings have made the flag into a symbol of evil, which is what I wanted least of all.  The opponents are attacking the flag on the grounds that it represents racism and evil, the very things I did not want it to represent.  So, like the rest of the old South, the flag is "gone with the wind."  Although there was slavery in the South, there was also a genteel. polite, dignified way of life that is lots in the hatred and vitriol of today's society.  While there were a lot of slaves who hated their masters, I don't think they all did.  It was definitely not an equal relationship, but despite the social discrimination, I'm sure that in many cases the slaves were the stronger partners when the whites and blacks all lived and worked together.
I am worried that because of the strength of the backlash against the old South, there will be a backlash against the Founding Fathers, many of whom were slave owners from Virginia.  In the long term this will tend to undermine the Constitutional rule of law.  The US will gradually become a different country.  Many people will think it is better, but old guys like me will probably not think so, depending on what it turns into.

If slavery is so bad, what do the Jews say about Abraham, the founder of Judaism, who owned slavers an had a son by one of his slaves, Hagar, which made his wife so jealous that she made him send Hagar and his son into the desert, where they would have died if they had not been saved by a miracle?  Times change, but I don't think that Jews are going to renounce their religion because Abraham owned slaves.

There are many people who hate the Bible because it, at least the Old Testament, accepts the practice of slavery, but there are also many people who love the Bible despite that.  Similarly, with the old South, you can love the good parts, without loving the bad parts.

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