Confederate Flag Lapel Pins
I was pleased with the Confederate flag lapel pins from the World Flag Pins web site. I got a Confederate flag pin in response to all the furor about American flag pins. I agree with (the old) Barack Obama that wearing a flag pin is no proof of patriotism. Bush and Cheney avoided military service in Vietnam and wear the flag pin as cowards. I spent nearly 30 years serving the US government in the Army in Vietnam, as an attorney for the Veterans Administration, and as a Foreign Service officer. I don't think I need to prove my loyalty by wearing a stupid flag pin. If Bush and Cheney had served, they could wear some ribbon showing their service, if they needed to do something. Of course if they had served, they wouldn't need to display their loyalty so publicly.

In addition to my one great-grandfather on my mother's side who was a colonel in the 21st Alabama during the Civil War, I think I had a great-grandfather on my father's side who rode with Morgan's cavalry. After them, I had a grandfather who served in the Army in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and in France in World War I. My father served in the Army in both Europe and the Pacific during World War II, and in Korea during the Korean War. And I served on the DMZ in Vietnam. I don't think I need to wear an American flag pin. A Confederate flag honors my great-grandfathers and protests the hypocrisy of the Bush administration, not to mention that of Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulis who made flag pins a major issue in the Democratic debate they "moderated."

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