Newburgh, NY, March 24, 1861
My Dear Sister,

I have been anxiously waiting to hear from you or Brother but you both seem to write a day or two after I mailed you last letter. I received one from you and that is the last time I have heard from you. Some six or eight weeks since I received an ambrotype which I presume is that of my Brother Mr. Williams. I thought it very strange that a letter did not accompany it. This leaves me in good health with the exception of a cold which you know northern people are subject to in the spring. Brother Willie has gone to Geneva in the western part of this state. He has gone with Messrs Maxwell and Brother who are in the nursery .... I had ha letter from him a day or two since he was well and likes his situation exceedingly well. Willie understands the ... and is working in the green houses all the time. The foreman in the green houses is from Dr. Grant's place so he is not quite a stranger. He would b e glad to have you write to him. I don't know but he has written to you since he went out there. I received a letter from Father a few days since. He and all the family are well. Dear Sister I assure your last gave me great pain when you wrote to me that you did not got to see Father before leaving Augusta. Do not be astonished when I tell you that I almost bathed my pillow in tears that night when I thought that you are his one daughter and probably will never meet again on this side of the grave and the more I think of it, the worse I feel. Think of being only 7 miles from them. I cannot imagine how you could leave poor Johnny with out even telling him. I think it would have been as little as you could have done to have told him that you were going away and kissed him good bye. But ... it may all come out right yet. I received a letter rom Uncle James McGuire a few weeks since. He and all the family are well. Cousin ... was married last September. Uncle ... has gone to Mobile....Pike County, Alabama. I hope you will write soon and often. Let me know how you like Mobile. How things are. Tell Brother I will be pleased to have him write.

Your loving Brother in haste,

J Rennison

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