Mobile, August 28, 1865
Dear Lizzy,

The safe is not yet open, my books and papers can't be got at and work commenced until the cashier arrives, which is momentarily expected. So while the "freed man" is sweeping out and raising a dust so thick that it may be felt and sliced up with a knife if necessary, I'll write -- nothing -- all that I have to communicate this morning. I have long promised Mr. R. Williams and Mrs. Camott that I would take them down to view the ruins of the explosion, and yesterday being a cool day we went all except Mrs. W who couldn't. I myself had not been over the ground since the fire was burned out, and was astonished at the mass of shot and shell, entire and in fragments, that covers the ground. Thousands of loaded shells are there yet among the rubbish. As I took my route by the house of your "friend," I have not doubt that I was looked upon as a terrible fellow. Evil be to him that evil thinks. I will do as I please in spite of all the scandal-mongers in Christendom -- now and in the future. I will do what is right, and answer for my actions to no one but my God. I hope that I'll hear from you again to-day. Am well only pricked all over intolerably by "Heat."


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