Homer, Iowa, August 9, 1858
Dear James,

We were so very glad to hear from you as you moved along. Have received three letters after you left. We felt so lonesome we thought we could not have you so far away though our better judgment told us it was for the best. It cheers us to hear from you. You must remember we were lonesome before, but are doubly so now.

I have no doubt you will succeed if you can stand the climate and the confinement. All that we have heard in regard to the former has been favorable, which makes us feel easier.

Little Rebecca keeps very feeble some days, a little better and some worse. We thought she gained a little, but this two days she is hardly out of bed. I think she cannot gain strength while it is so warm. We have never had such weather since we came to Iowa. Have not had any heavy rains for one whole week. Previous to that it rained almost constantly. Pa feels a little more encouraged himself, has been a little better. Nearly all the flour has gone out, and if it continues dry we may have some grain in the country yet. Between work, sales and flour he has taken about three hundred dollars. He has declined trading with Day. We have concluded it is better to remain for a time and perhaps there will be a better opening. If we made that trade our money obligation would be increased. He have not received any money from Ohio and it is very possible we will not.

Pa received a letter today from Mr. Osborne requesting you to be there on the tenth. From the tenor of his letter I think you will be pleased with the situation. I hope you will, but my dear son we must not depend on our own strength to keep us from evil, but constantly look to the Lord to help us and keep us.

Your Mother.

Rebecca says whenever she is strong enough she will write to James. We are all well.

I forgot to tell you Bella has played every sabbath and succeeded better, much better, than we expected. She has learned five pieces well enough to play in public. The children send their love to you. We opened Grand Pa's letter and enclose it in this.

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