Christmas 1860, Augusta, Georgia
My Dear Williams,

I have been writing to my correspondents this eve but before your turn came I ran out of paper and could not get replenished so you'll excuse this half sheet, won't you?

Nothing of any account has transpired here since you left. Business continues well and the prospect of better times to the South look dubious.

I have concluded to try the northern clime again and have notified Mr. O of my intentions and expect to leave as soon as it is convenient for him to let me.

My reasons for going are because I can do as well there as I am doing here at present and will enjoy better health than I do here. Mr. O is somewhat singular but ... enough. Your unexpected visit and abrupt departure occasioned such surprise with Mrs. Hicks. I spent part of an evening with her just last.... She is a fine woman. I have given up my S. School class as I was unable to attend, living as far downtown as I do. I regret so much that I did not have the pleasure of seeing your wife. I wished to congratulate her for her good fortune in getting a good husband. Well! Williams from all accounts I should judge you have an excellent wife so I can congratulate you. Mr. Osborne's son Henry is at home now he is getting along first rate with his wound.

The rest of his family are well. Secession feelings are spreading and Georgia bids for following S.C. There was a Union meeting held here yesterday to nominate candidates for the convention but the ... men outnumbered the Unionists and voted directly opposite to them at first but finally withdrew from the city. H... assumed that they would beat them at the ballot box easy.

Friend Brady

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