Gone with the Wind
"The sight of Tom Slattery dawdling on his neighbors' porches, begging cotton seed for planting or a side of bacon to 'tide him over,' was a familiar one. Slattery hated his neighbors with what little energy he possessed, sensing their contempt beneath their courtesy, and especially did he hate 'rich folks' uppity niggers.' The house negroes of the County considered themselves superior to white trash, and their unconcealed scorn stung him, while their more secure position in life stirred his envy. By contrast with his own miserable existence, they were well-fed, well-clothed and looked after in sickness and old age. They were proud of the good names of their owners and, for the most part, proud to belong to people who were quality, while he was despised by all."

Gone with the Wind, pp. 49-50

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