January 1, 1860, Augusta, Georgia – Part I
Much Respected Mr. & Mrs. W,

I have just received the long looked for letter. I wish you both a happy New Year. Very glad to hear you are well & happy. I really began to worry about Lizzie. She, having a bad headache & a long journey before her & looking for a letter before you had tome to accomplish your journey, made it appear really longer than it was. I thought she would say, now don't write 'till I get well. So as the days would come and go and no letter, I really was confirmed in my opinion.

You say you are in a great dearth for letters & papers. We will send you some, who was very glad to hear from Lizzie as well as yourself. In regard to news, Bill Lawhon has just been in saying all the companies here are ordered to leave at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning for Charleston. It is what we have expected. Oh! The horrors of War! Who can tell where and when it will end, but once beloved country, the greatest and best on earth, is to be torn asunder.

Once Christmas has or would have been a dull one had not Mrs. Knapp come over from Edfield Friday before and leaves today. For I have had a bad cold and could not hear her but two days for a week. Mrs. Charles Wheatlock gave the first evenings entertainment. I was not there. Mrs. Copeland unlocked the door that separated us, gave me a hot bath -- compassion -- and bathed my throat with Radway's syrup -- done all she could for me, her husband prescribed and she administered. I'll then go to the party after this.

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