Transplanted Southerner
I started this blog to let off some steam as a transplanted Southerner. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, where my great-grandfather fought for the Confederacy. One of his last assignments was as commander of Fort Powell, one of three forts guarding the entrance to Mobile Bay against the Union fleet. Of course the Confederates were defeated by Admiral Farragut in the Battle of Mobile Bay. I moved from Mobile to spend most of my professional life in or around Washington, DC, mostly in Virginia. But now, I'm living in the "mountain west," in Colorado.

I'm a long way from the South now, and probably out of touch. I wanted the name "Gone with the Wind" for this blog, because that's my viewpoint, that there were a lot of good things about the old South that are now gone with the wind. But we shouldn't lose sight of them, or ignore them because of political correctness. I often tend to give in to political correctness, but I'm going to try not to on this blog.

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